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GREEN I$ GOOD. More than just a slogan, it's how we can all help save our planet, and how you can save your business a lot of money.

Recycling Program 4 You

Did you know that over 80% of your company waste could likely be recycled? That means you'd have 80% less waste, which means 80% less waste expense!

Now Accepting eWaste

Don't throw away that old monitor, printer, computer or other electronic! Instead, bring them to Recycling Industries and let us recycle them for you!

35 Years of Green

Back in 1975, a small company struck out to make a difference to the Earth and the people living on it. Today, Recycling Industries has become a leader in Sacramento, Yuba-Sutter recycling.

Locations Near You

With four locations around the Sacramento, Yuba-Sutter area, there's a Recycling Industries conveniently close to you.

Money saving ideas

Our Waste Consulting Service can help you quickly save money on your waste expenses. Call us today to see how easy and quick it is to save money!

We make recycling easy

Recycling is beneficial to our Earth, and we think it should be financially beneficial too.  So we've made it easy, affordable and even profitable for you.

Get more for your recycling

Want more from your recycling redemptions? We regularly monitor our competition to ensure you always get the best value at Recycling Industries!

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