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Bins, Boxes & Containers

Virtually any container for any recycling need

Recycling Industries can supply you with any of a wide variety of containers, from large roll-offs to under-the-desk boxes.

Roll-Off Service & Large Bins — Have need of a really big bin to collect your recycling in?  We can provide you with large roll-off bins as well as arrange for delivery and pick-up.

The Mid-Sized Bins — Do you need to collect more than an office box, but less than a roll-off bin?  You need our Mid-Sized Bins.  These bins are just the size to satisfy your mid-sized recycling needs and can fit near an existing dumpster, in a garage, a large utility room, or used on the factory or printing floor.

Office Indoor Collection Boxes —Need to keep your recycling orderly in the office?  We have several just-right-sized boxes to keep your recycling clean and convenient.

Confidential Collection Bins — When you need to discard confidential records, these bins offer the ability to recycle with security.

Call today to find the right containers for your recycling program.

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