Office Recycling

Office Recycling

Reduce waste, reduce expenses and maybe even create new revenue

Office Recycling is a great way to reduce costs, increase morale, create greater accountability and promote overall productivity.  It’s true — all this from what seems like just a bunch of trash!

Office recycling programs have many benefits, from reduced costs, increased morale of employees, plus rippling benefits outside the office and into the surrounding community. Recycling reduces waste, boosts your company’s image and increases overall office efficiency. Recycling programs provide the entire company the ability to increase energy efficiency and help reduce the problematic impact of society on the planet.

Because recycling can reduce the amount of waste produced in an office space, it can in turn save your company money. Certain recycling efforts could even produce profit. For example, collecting and redeeming empty aluminum cans could produce enough revenue to provide the office with coffee or soda.

Beginning or improving your office recycling program is easier than you think. Call today to learn just how easy it can be.

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