Secure Document Destruction

Secure Document Destruction

Let’s keep this between you…and no one else.

Businesses produce thousands of confidential records every year, from internal memos to tax forms.  Chances are, your business is no different.  Often times, these records need to be discarded.  However, with industrial spies, identity thieves, dumpster diving con men, and of course Murphy’s law, these records should never go into the common waste system.  You need to confidentially destroy your sensitive records.  However, have you ever tried to shred thousands of pieces of paper?  It can be a daunting and very expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Confidential Services

R.I. offers a convenient, reliable, and economical confidential records destruction service.  We can provide you with secure collection bins.  Our mobile service will pick up your records (whether paper, microfilm/fiche, tapes, disks, etc.) and completely destroy them on site to maintain your confidentiality.  Then we will recycle the remains.  You keep your vital confidentiality, help the environment, and because R.I. can offer the absolute best pricing, you can do so for much less than either doing it yourself or by using another recycling company.  Contact us today to get your confidential records destruction program working for you.

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