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There is No Plan to Build a Dump!

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If you did not know where Recycling Industries was located for the past 10 years, it is a good indication that we have been a good neighbor.

As you may know by now, a mysterious group that will not disclose their identity to the press is misrepresenting our recycling transfer station as a landfill or dump. Not only is this not true, it is impossible. What’s more, you have a right to know who they are!

This page is intended to introduce residents to Recycling Industries (RI), its recycling operations and proposed project. We hope that it is useful as you consider your position on RI’s plan to expand its facilities. Unlike others, you have our family’s commitment to be upfront and transparent.

Who is Recycling Industries?

Recycling Industries is a family owned recycling company founded in Yuba City over 40 years ago. It began by erecting a simple, wooden roadside newspaper deposit bin. While recycling was largely unheard of back then, the industry and our business has since grown.

Is RI proposing to build “a dump?”

No. RI is in the recycling business and does not own or operate landfills. Not only is characterizing our transfer station as a dump incorrect, it is not feasible. A landfill could never occupy a small 4-acre lot, surrounded by businesses on all four sides. What’s more, it would never be permitted by the city. To underscore this point, Recology’s landfill near Wheatland is located on approximately 300 acres of land.  The entire industrial park off of Garden Highway is not that big.

While the term “dump” has been used interchangeably to describe transfer stations and landfills, it is important to understand there are major distinctions in terms of materials and processing. A competitor said it best;

“A transfer station is where people drop off material, it’s reloaded, and sent off to another location. A landfill, AKA a dump, is a place where materials are delivered to and buried.”

Dave Vaughn, VP/Senior Director of Business and Marketing for Recology, Appeal Democrat 3/17/18

Do you have a right to know who is financing the misleading campaign?

You sure do! As reported by the Appeal Democrat, an anonymous website and Facebook page has mysteriously emerged, mischaracterizing our recycling transfer station as a “dump.”  As a result of this misleading campaign we understand why residents are concerned. Their website provides no information as to who is hosting the page, or who is financing a social media campaign and supplying lawn signs. By all indications, this clandestine organization is run by a professional political consultant experienced in ruining reputations. Who hosts a website is usually public information. In this case, the identity of the person who purchased the URL is masked from public view. Why the secrecy? If you visit their Facebook page, ask them who is financing their campaign? You have a right to know if you are being asked to consider their point of view. We want to know too. RI has a responsibility to defend our company’s reputation and the livelihood of our employees, many of which have families to support. This is especially relevant if this mysterious campaign is being financed by competitors or their allies. Click here to read the Appeal Democrat article.

So, RI has no plan to build a dump. What is their plan?

RI will be expanded and updated to provide the residents of Yuba City with their first fully enclosed transfer building. The existing 3-acre facility will be expanded by 1-acre. Recycling Industries is approved to build up to a 25,000 square foot building. In addition, a new driveway, fencing and landscaping is planned. Even though homeowners and commercial users are often provided designated recycling bins, material still needs to be cleaned and separated from non-recyclable waste that is delivered to the landfill daily. By state law, all waste must be removed within 48 hours.

At the Nov 28th meeting, the Planning Commission approved RI’s expansion from 3 to 4 acres, which included several additional conditions. In fact, the additional conditions are more restrictive that what is currently allowed by the City at the Site. Also, RI is capped at 100 tons of solid waste, not 300 tons as originally proposed.

Trucks will continue to use existing truck routes along Garden Highway and they are strictly prohibited from using residential streets. What’s more, the application for the new station does not request authorization to add more truck trips than currently allowed. Simply stated, the quality of life in the neighboring residential areas will not change due to a modest expansion of our facility.

Is RI located in the proper location?

RI’s Yuba recycling transfer station is located in an area designated for industrial purposes, such as a power plant, a steel fabrication plant, a wood chipping facility and the sewer treatment plant. In fact, a scrap and steel yard, and the City’s Sewer Treatment Plant are located closer to homes than our property. Given its location, infrastructure and sound environmental practices, the station has never had complaints from residents.

How does RI address some of the other baseless allegations?

The website exposed by the Appeal Democrat tries to cite a number of alleged “nightmares” that frankly have never been associated with recycling transfer stations. The mysterious website fails to disclose to residents that unlike a landfill, a transfer station is fully enclosed, like a warehouse, protecting material from the elements like wind and rain. As a consequence, any potential debris, dust or odor is fully contained. Moreover, allegations of rats, birds, methane gas, water contamination and fire might be issues typically associated with landfills, but not transfer stations. And what about allegations of methane gas and homeless people at the site. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask any expert!

To be clear, all the waste is removed on a daily basis, and by law, within 48-hours. Again, RI’s facility is fully enclosed and does not conduct any processing, crushing, grinding and compacting within the building. The property is fully fenced, safe and secure, and must comply with the strictest safety and environmental standards. We have a positive relationship with our neighbors, and we have no intention of allowing this to change.

Does the project require an environment assessment?

Absolutely. As part of the planning process to expand Recycling Industries’ transfer station, environmental analysis was required to determine what impact, if any, the project would have on surrounding neighborhoods. The Environmental Analysis shows that RI will continue to be a good neighbor. Project impacts will be “Less Than Significant” to “No Impacts with Mitigations” on noise, traffic, safety, odor, air and water quality. Click here to view the report.

If I have additional questions, how can I reach RI? 

If you have additional questions, or wish to tour our facility, please CLICK HERE. Thank you for taking the time to learn more our operations and proposed project. We also encourage you to LiKE our Yuba City Facebook page for project updates.



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